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I am a Vancouver-based creator, spanning a range of media, subjects and skills. My design specialty is in 2D work, particularly comprehensive design packages for events. If you want your sneak-peek ads to match your sponsorship deck to match your welcome banner to match your lunch boxes to match your thank you cards, I'm your gal. And I can even come out to take photos of the event if you like.  
I graduated from the former Capilano College's Graphic Design & Illustration program (now known as IDEA). This three-year program built on my art basics and developed a fundamental understanding of design concepts, introducing me to new illustration and 3D media along the way. 
Tangentially, I got involved in the music industry, first as a friend and supporter, but shortly, as a photographer and designer, photographing hundreds of concerts, designing posters, apparel and album covers, shooting band promos and studio candids, and running a music website full of interviews, reviews and images.
Through my professional design career, I have been a part of studios and companies as well as freelance, updating or implementing brand standards, creating production documents for craftspeople to translate 2D designs to 3D signage, organizing and managing photo libraries, liaising with clients and photographing projects. 
I currently work primarily with Adobe Photoshop (for my photography) and CorelDraw (for my multipage and signage work) in a PC environment in my home office, and have worked extensively in Adobe Illustrator & InDesign on both PC and Mac machines. I am also proficient in Microsoft Office programs and similar suites. I have satellite experience in a variety of other computer programs, basic web coding skills, and can pick up new programs quite quickly with mouse or graphics pen. I shoot with Nikon dSLRs and Nikon & Tamron lenses currently, and previously well-versed in Canon dSLRs and Pentax 35mm cameras. 
For me, creating artwork and capturing unpredictable subjects are part and parcel. There is something freeing about giving up a significant portion of control to lighting directors, weather and fast-moving animals or humans. I've learned to think on the fly, assess environmental conditions more accurately than my camera can, and work the controls and move myself quickly to catch the action. Piecing together design for clients requires teamwork and compromise between my own vision and theirs. In both cases, the 'work in post' is where I get to take that foundation of found + captured images or collaborative concept to polished, evocative, bells-&-whistles completion, and potentially apply and adapt the look to various formats and sizes. The balanced triangle of nature-technology-music keeps things interesting, me grounded, and life fresh.
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